These glam punk dirtbags from Milwaukee specialize in big ol’ catchy power pop hooks, while their tuff as leather riffs and blistering solos make the scariest metalheads blush. They’re frequently compared to the sleazy 1970s New York underground, and while they’ll gladly accept those charges don’t you dare call them a nostalgia act.

The Junk first pounced on the scene in 2014 with some home recorded demos by Chinese Telephones guitarist / Ramma Lamma bassist Daniel James, who quickly recruited the powerhouse rhythm section of Johnny Cyanide (bass) and Mike Mattner (drums). They’ve been cranking out LPs, 45s, and live tapes at a consistent pace while touring the Badstreets of the USA ever since.

"Spiderbites sounds like the record that Daniel James and the gang have been working towards all of these years: a tour de force of Midwest-tough rock and roll formed from equal parts power pop, hard rock, and old school glam punk. If you can't find something here to like, you're looking at the wrong blog!” - FASTER AND LOUDER (read the whole review here)

“Not to say that the new Spiderbites is more of the same, or that it’s a cozy nostalgia record that dutifully replicates the sound of ’70s New York punk. That era has always been an obvious touchpoint for Indonesian Junk, but singer-songwriter Daniel James (along with bassist Johnny Cyanide and drummer Mike Mattner) is just so damn good at writing hooky, swaggering rock songs that every riff, every power chord, and every sneer feels fresh.” - MILWAUKEE RECORD (read the whole review here)

"The best punk rock band since The Clash." (translated from Spanish) - MI TOCADISCOS DUAL (read the whole review here)

“Milwaukee’s Indonesian Junk keeps one foot in street-smart, sleazy glam and the other in bar band power pop on its third LP Spiderbites (Rum Bar), just as it has on its prior albums. While its attitude remains consistent, head Junker Daniel James just keeps getting better as a songwriter, with stronger melodies, more mature construction and a general sense that the sky’s the limit on his talent. Thus the band easily shifts from the Chuck Berry muscle of “Headbanger” to the almost pretty pop rock of “City Lights,” from the desperate punk & roll of “Through the Night” to the moody quasi-ballad “I Could Die,” without sounding like it’s trying too hard. Further proof that IJ is one of the best-kept secrets in rock & roll.” - BLURT MAGAZINE (read the whole review here)

“They sound like they sniff glue. They sound like they drink a lot of beer, and they sound, frankly like the type of blokes that would pull a knife out at a gunfight. Or a gun at a knife fight. Whichever suits... ‘Spiderbites’ is one of those that creeps up on you – perhaps appropriately? – it’ll go like this, if you are like me. First listen, you’ll think ‘that’s cool’. Then you stick It on again and realise its wormed its way in, and by the third time you can sing the damn thing.” - MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC (read the whole review here)

"Indonesian Junk is back with their much anticipated third full length album, “Spiderbites”, and it’s a master class in how to write a catchy rock song. With singles like “When I Find You” and “City Lights”, the band has built up some anticipation for this project, and the full body of work feels like any song on it could realistically be a radio-friendly single.” - BREAKING AND ENTERING (read the whole review here)

“From the cool, stylish opener ‘Mean Christine’ to the rolling outro of ‘See the Light’, every track is full of confident, determined brashness, enveloped in melody and honey-like catchiness.” - RPM ONLINE (read the whole review here)

"This Milwaukee trio has everything I love. Punk / glam reminiscent of The Boys, Hanoi Rocks, Machine Gun Etiquette era The Damned and Hersham Boys era Sham 69... Indonesian Junk have made an album that will be part of your life forever." (translated from French) - VOIX DE GARAGE (read the whole review here)

“There’s a short supply of bands producing great punk rock music but thankfully Indonesian Junk are delivering that on a consistent basis. If you’re looking for a power pop flavoured rock album with a side of glam and sleaze then this is the perfect album for you.” - SOUL OF A CLOWN (read the whole review here)

“It’s the late ‘70s and CBGB’s is bouncing. Outside, a punk rock street urchin oozes effortless cool as he leans against a lamp post; alternating an exhale of cigarette smoke between the chewing of bubblegum. His leather jacket and skinny ripped jeans smell of last night’s bourbon and Coke. He has no name, but if he did, he’d go by the nickname Indonesian Junk.” - MASS MOVEMENT UK (read the whole review here)

"Full of energy which they're not willing to put aside, which we appreciate." - (translated from Spanish) - LA MIRILLA CALEIDOSCOPICA (read the whole review here)

"Coming off a brilliant sophomore LP Stars In The Night that cracked my 2017 top ten, Indonesian Junk keeps the momentum going with this fantastic EP. This is some of Daniel's strongest material yet - touching on his numerous influences yet still bearing his distinctive style. Highly recommended!" - FASTER AND LOUDER (read the whole review here)

"Raunchy and devilish. Indonesian Junk really put the hooks in me. With a NY Dolls, Dead Boy, Lords of the New Church meet 70’s era Rolling Stones vibe, how could anything possibly go wrong?" -JERSEY BEAT (read the whole review here)

"The fact that Indonesian Junk is the greatest fucking punk rock band in the world is confirmed again with this mini LP of four songs.” (translated from Spanish) -MI TOCADISCOS DUAL (read the whole review here)

“A real walk on the wild side. You’ll be scared at what you find – but its worth a look.” -MAXIMUM VOLUME (read the whole review here)

"Their most flamboyant release to date... A psychotic strut covered in dirt and grease and bar sweat and dried blood with an Exile on Main St era Stones-esque cadence... Darkness Calling is sick, morbid, and a bit unnerving. It’s also a whole lot of fun. You might want to load up on hand sanitizer before playing with Indonesian Junk, but play with them you should." - UNDER THE COUNTER TAPES (read the whole review here)

“Instrumentally, James, bassist Johnny Cyanide, and drummer Mike Mattner might be tighter than ever on this release, and that’s a promising sign for where the band is headed. Indonesian Junk are putting out high quality music that expands beyond the realm of punk rock while keeping the ethos." -BREAKING AND ENTERING (read the whole review here)

"Death. Taxes. Another snotty, glammed-up record from Milwaukee’s Indonesian Junk. These are the three certainties in life, folks. One is grim, the other grimmer; happily, the third makes the whole thing worthwhile." - MILWAUKEE RECORD (read the whole review here)

"Great chunks of melodic, foot stompin’ rock’n’roll, like some kinda collision between the Ramones and Cheap Trick... the kind of hard-hitting guitar-assault that Thunders and Sylvain used to work so well." - FEAR AND LOATHING (read the whole review here)

"Straight forward rock designed to clear your head and celebrate life for a few minutes… assuming you are not the one he is going to beat up." - RPM ONLINE (read the whole review here)

"The band have a knack of delivering a sleazy punk rock sound that manages to stay cheap but not nasty. It’s a respite from the overly earnest, ie boring, music that makes up so much of the punk rock genre these days." - SOUL OF A CLOWN (read the whole review here)

"It's not that there's anything radically different about Indonesian Junk this time out. The Milwaukee trio continues to mix glam, power pop, and old New York punk influences in such a way that doesn't sound like any other band out there. But man oh man, Daniel James and company have absolutely knocked this record out of the park! This release was far more 'professionally' recorded than the last one. That could have been a good thing or a bad thing, but it definitely turned out to be the former. And in an entirely good way, this album really plays to Daniel's knack for writing terrific pop songs. If anyone is still questioning whether or not it's possible to create poppy punk rock that sounds genuinely tough, Stars In the Night will show you how it's done... This is up there with the top three or four albums of a really great year. " -FASTER AND LOUDER (read the whole review here)

"Bratty punk and hooks-aplenty power-pop are once again the order of the day... but there’s something winningly vulnerable and sincere in the way that they’re delivered. Standout tracks like the shout-along 'Why Did I Call You?' and the minor-key 'Turn To Stone' mix glam-rock vamping with pained tenderness, while 'I Would Never Treat You Like That' avoids any 'nice guy' ickiness with a knowing wink and a mile-high chorus. Elsewhere, 'Nosferatu' gets snaky and sexy, 'Tonight' turns James’ guitars up to 11, and 'I’ll Run Away' blurs the line between heap-bopping and head-banging.Stars‘ closing track, 'On The Run' (so much running!), even makes room for an acoustic prelude before going full-on slow-burning ballad... Stars In The Night improves on Indonesian Junk’s self-recorded, self-titled 2016 debut in practically every way. Mike Mattner’s drums pack a sonic punch, Johnny Cyanide’s bass pops and pulls, and James’ voice and guitar (dig the solos on the title track and 'Lorelei') have never sounded better. But most important are the songs—sharp, infectious, and finely crafted. Polish or no polish, this is where Indonesian Junk excels, once again." -MILWAUKEE RECORD (read the whole review here)

"Like an early Elvis Costello track being jammed on by Geldof and his Rats whilst high on cheap speed. Indonesian Junk have the chops and the authentic style to pull off this snotty power pop with plenty of spirit with more to spare." -UBER ROCK (read the whole review here)

"Their mix of punk rock / powerpop / glam is as close to perfection as it could get, mixing the bratty vocal style of the Ramones with oodles of energy and melodic licks that wouldn’t sound out of place on either Dead Boys or Cheap Trick albums, consistently as infectious as things that your parents probably warned you about... Although the band are obviously accomplished musicians, the best thing is that they know exactly what the songs need and don’t over-garnish with unnecessary solo’s or elaborate arrangements. This is an album that sets out to hit the spot and accomplishes the task." -FEAR AND LOATHING (read the whole review here)

"Stars In The Night takes all the best things about Indonesian Junk’s first album and makes them better." -LESS BLOG MORE ROCK (read the whole review here)

"On their self-titled debut album last year, Milwaukee’s Indonesian Junk introduced themselves as the kind of band that probably wouldn’t take their shoes off before coming into your house. Their scuzzy rock ’n’ roll drew heavily from the antagonistic ’70s glam rock of guys like Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper. The trio’s latest single, though, hints at a bit of a beating heart behind that sneer. “Turn to Stone” is a rocker in the spirit of pre-“Runaway Train” Soul Asylum, with driving drums and chiming guitars. It’s their best track yet." - SHEPHERD EXPRESS (read the whole review here)

"How a classic rock and roll album should sound... A classic this year. A disc to worship. A deja vu of my favorite LPs that I hope will be yours." - ROCK, THE BEST MUSIC (translated from Spanish, read the whole review here)

"You should check it out... Order this album from Rum Bar Records." -VEGLAM (read the whole review here)

"Album of the year" -MI TOCAS DISCOS DUAL (translated from spanish. read the whole review here)

"So many bands (and indeed critics) underestimate how hard it is to deliver a good quality pop song. There’s a real talent in writing songs like 'Why Did I Call You' and 'Slow Down' which, on face value, are just fun time, throwaway trash. But, these are the songs which get you singing and dancing and actually enjoying life..not a feat to be underestimated." -SOUL OF A CLOWN (read the whole review here)

"With clever references to 70's punk, powerpop, rock & roll, and glam (actually!) you're sometimes easily fooled to believe that the disc that spins on your turntable really comes from '77 or '78... If you have a taste the New York dolls / Johnny Thunders, Dead boys / Stiv Bators, Flamin 'groovies or Big Star and Stones for that matter, it's not unthinkable that you will be feeling good inside after a spin or two of Stars In The Night." -SKRANGLEFANTENE (translated from Norwegian, read the whole review here)

"The second LP from Milwaukee trio Indonesian Junk plays up the streetwise side of its protopunk/power pop cocktail. 'Turn to Stone,' 'Nosferatu' and 'I Would Never Treat You Like That' streamline the band’s sound down to its essence, with bash-it-out rhythms pushing unvarnished rock licks and Daniel James’ inelegantly wasted sneer." -BLURT MAGAZINE (read the whole review here)

"A jukebox-ready collection of head-boppers and floor-shakers that positively reek of stale cigarette smoke, dirty denim and reckless good times. Remarkably poppy in spots, but in a good, late-70s, skinny tie, local power-pop sensation sorta way." - CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE (read the whole review here)

“I love this record! In my opinion, it’s THE release of 2016 so far. It’s exactly what James was going for - trashy glam/punk with the soul of power pop…The most telling thing about Indonesian Junk’s debut album is that it’s been living in my car CD player for the last few weeks. I just don’t get tired of these songs!” - FASTER AND LOUDER (read the whole review here)

"Similar to finding a treasure trove of lost tapes from the 1970’s New York scene. No one else has heard this yet, but I feel like everyone needs to. It feels important. Indonesian Junk is a little all over the place, shambolic yet solid. It’s a release that is just barely tipping over the edge into chaos and confusion while remaining truly lovable." - NEW NOISE MAGAZINE (read the whole review here)

"Close your eyes when pressing play on the new Indonesian Junk album and you might think Iggy Pop had hip-thrusted his way to the top of your queue without you noticing. The opening beat rattles like an old Stooges jam; something with a lurid bounce for Iggy to twist to. The guitars sizzle, slathered in grime and guts, riding a bass line that rumbles like an avalanche in the distance. Frontman Daniel James even oohs and ahs into the groove before stretching out a slightly sinister drawl." -MIDWEST ACTION (read the whole review here)

“This album reminds me of The Wanderers, the street gang in the movie The Wanderers. This album is hard, but not so hard that it takes itself too seriously. It still knows how to have fun and rock out, you know, let loose. But it also knows danger. In fact, it embraces danger. Which is dangerous. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m scared of danger. I’m scared of this album!” - MUSIC SHE BLOGGED (read the whole review here)

"There's plenty of power-pop blood coursing through the veins of the Milwaukee group’s new self-titled record, but it’s spiked with enough punk, glam, and sleazeball metal to make it a familiar yet increasingly rare type... Daniel James proves himself a convincingly sneering vocalist and a straight-up guitar hero... Indonesian Junk’s crack musicianship is one of the band’s greatest pleasures." - MILWAUKEE RECORD (read the whole review here)

"Like listening to some old Voidoids record - it's got the heart and soul and clearly shares the same DNA. It's music from the dark, midnight hour as it slides through your speakers fueled on cheap bourbon and cheaper cigarettes." - UBER ROCK (read the whole review here)

"The smooth vocals likewise project a disarmingly casual self-confidence. The arrangements keep things tight and tuneful as well, with hard-crunching guitars, neatly percolating basslines, and mighty pounding drums merging together to create a sound that’s quite punchy and sinewy, yet still melodic... a surefire winner." - JERSEY BEAT (read the whole review here)

"They evoke the lecherous cockiness of '70s fixtures like Alice Cooper and Kiss. Each of these 10 songs lands like an exhilarating punch to the gut." - SHEPHERD EXPRESS (read the whole review here)

"In a world full of squeaky clean, commercialized music, it’s great to hear an album which is really just a dirty rock n roll record. There’s a messy, throwaway feel to it, but it doesn’t cheapen the quality of the songs." - SOUL OF A CLOWN (read the whole review here)

"The best I've heard from them so far... The perfect driving drunk through some praries at 4am style music... Give a call to your dealer, put this on, and tune out." -MAXIMUMROCKNROLL (read the whole review here)

"For those too young to have experienced a night at CBGB in Manhattan, I imagine that an Indonesian Junk show is probably the next best thing... You'll hear elements of punk, glam, garage and heavy metal. 'Shake It With You', with its subversive overtones and sleaze-like vocals is entirely engaging... 'You Messed Me Up' (is) an up-tempo scorcher that will have you fist-pumping and otherwise bouncing off the walls... More than any other band, these guys remind me of the (New York) Dolls." -CAROLINA POWER POP (read the whole review here)

"Three catchy tunes that combine songwriting elements of power pop, garage rock, and 70's boogie rock. The hooks and choruses are there, but they're matched with guitar heroics: the riffs and parts betray technical skill beyond the scope of most one-chord garage pretenders. Someone here actually spent time learning how to play while you were posing in front of your mirror with your leather jacket and a tennis racket. High energy stuff." -MAXIMUM ROCK N' ROLL (read the whole review here)

"Fun if you're in the mood for dirty sounding rock n' roll... This is cool. You can tell these guys have the right attitude... No frills. I could definitely see the closing track 'Now That It's Over' going over well in a cramped basement with all the wasted attendees singing along" - NO FRIENDS (read the whole review here)

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