Indonesian Junk demo (April 2014 - self released) CD-R unknown quantity. Now That It's Over / Shake It With You / Shelly, Shelly (Don't Break My Heart) / You Messed Me Up (These demo versions are different than the versions that appear on Crimes and Indonesian Junk)
Crimes (April 2015 - Lost Cat Records / Some Weird Sin Records LCR-33 / SWS00) Test pressing w/ full color cover: 26 black vinyl. Initial pressing w/ black and white cover: 500 black vinyl.) Crimes / Last Night Alive / Now That It's Over
Indonesian Junk (February 2016 - Rum Bar Records / Some Weird Sin Records RUM012 / SWS030) Test pressing: 50 black vinyl. Initial pressing: 300 clear vinyl, 700 black vinyl. CD pressing: 500 CDs. Shake It With You / Indonesia / Shelly, Shelly (Don't Break My Heart) / Fuck Off / Little Malibu / Out Of Love / So Alone / You Messed Me Up / I’m So Bad / Black Hole
So Live, So Devastating (April 2016 - Some Weird Sin Records SWS042) 100 cassettes. Pipeline / You Messed Me Up / Indonesia / Shelly, Shelly (Don't Break My Heart) / Shake It With You / Last Night Alive / Now That It's Over / Black Hole / Situations / Crimes
Stars In The Night (October 2017 - Rum Bar Records RUM025) Test pressing: 5 black vinyl. Initial pressing: 100 purple vinyl, 100 white vinyl, 100 clear vinyl, 200 black vinyl. CD pressing 500 CDs. I Would Never Treat You Like That / Stars / I'll Run Away / Why Did I Call You? / Lorelei / Turn To Stone / Nosferatu / Tonight / Slow Down / On The Run
Darkness Calling (August 2018 - Lost Cat Records) 100 cassettes. 100 promotional CDs. First 75 cassettes have light blue j-cards. Final 25 have poison green j-cards. When I Find You / C'Mon And Love Me / I Could Die / See The Light

Live At High Point Vol 1 (September 2015 - High Point) 100 CD-Rs. Outfit (live) / Black Hole (live)
Aux Mix Tape Vol 1 (November 2015 - Aux Tapes) 200 cassettes. Crimes (edited for length)
Tasty Fest 2016 Sampler (June 2016 - Tasty Tapes) Unknown quantity cassette and CD pressing. Shake It With You (album version)
Fox Tracks (June 2016 - Chill on the Hill) 1000 CDs. Little Malibu (album version, remastered)
Rum Bar 2019 Winter Sampler (January 2019 - Rum Bar Records) Unknown quantity CD pressing. When I Find You (EP version)
Fistful More Of Rock N' Roll Vol 7 (2019) Unknown quantity LP and CD pressing. You Messed Me Up (album version, remastered)

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