Indonesian Junk demo (April 2014 - self released) CD-R unknown quantity. Now That It's Over / Shake It With You / Shelly, Shelly (Don't Break My Heart) / You Messed Me Up (These are demo versions and different than the versions that appear on Crimes and Indonesian Junk. They feature Daniel James playing all instruments and were distributed for free at our first 16 shows until our CD burner stopped working.)

Crimes (April 2015 - Lost Cat Records / Some Weird Sin Records LCR-33 / SWS00) Test pressing w/ full color cover: 26 black vinyl. Initial pressing w/ black and white cover: 500 black vinyl.) Crimes / Last Night Alive / Now That It's Over

Indonesian Junk (February 2016 - Rum Bar Records / Some Weird Sin Records RUM012 / SWS030) Test pressing: 50 black vinyl. Initial pressing: 300 clear vinyl, 700 black vinyl. CD pressing: 500 CDs. Shake It With You / Indonesia / Shelly, Shelly (Don't Break My Heart) / Fuck Off / Little Malibu / Out Of Love / So Alone / You Messed Me Up / I’m So Bad / Black Hole

So Live, So Devastating (April 2016 - Some Weird Sin Records SWS042) 100 cassettes. Pipeline / You Messed Me Up / Indonesia / Shelly, Shelly (Don't Break My Heart) / Shake It With You / Last Night Alive / Now That It's Over / Black Hole / Situations / Crimes

Stars In The Night (October 2017 - Rum Bar Records RUM025) Test pressing: 5 black vinyl. Initial pressing: 100 purple vinyl, 100 white vinyl, 100 clear vinyl, 200 black vinyl. CD pressing 500 CDs. I Would Never Treat You Like That / Stars / I'll Run Away / Why Did I Call You? / Lorelei / Turn To Stone / Nosferatu / Tonight / Slow Down / On The Run

Live At High Point Vol 1 (September 2015 - High Point) 100 CD-Rs. Outfit (live) / Black Hole (live)
Aux Mix Tape Volume 1 (November 2015 - Aux Tapes) 200 cassettes. Crimes (edited for length)
Tasty Fest 2016 Sampler (June 2016 - Tasty Tapes) Unknown cassette and CD-R pressing. Shake It With You (album version)
Fox Tracks (June 2016 - Chill on the Hill) 1000 CDs. Little Malibu (album version, remastered)

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