Monday, November 24, 2014

New Live Video

Here's some video of us from our show at Quarters last weekend.  As far as I can tell, this is the first video footage of Indonesian Junk. I was sick as shit and there's no monitors, so forgive the poor vocals. This is the only recorded footage of us so far, so looks like you're settling for an off night.  Sucks to be you!

Videos by Jeffrey Newlin. Thanks buddy!

Both of these songs are gonna be on our debut 7" EP. Out Soon!   

"SHAKE IT WITH YOU" featuring Racine Ray
This song is on our demo, which you can download for free from bandcamp. Ray is a local character and a friend of mine.  You can usually find him around the neighborhood looking for some money to take the bus back to Racine. A little known fact about Racine Ray is that he fucking rips on the lead guitar. When I saw him wandering around the crowd asking people for change I knew I had to invite him up on the stage. If you see him around Riverwest, give him some money for some drugs. He's a cool dude.

This song is also gonna be on our 7".

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