Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Songs Posted Online + New Vinyl Coming Soon

Hey dudes and dudettes, We got a bunch of stuff to announce today!

The biggest thing is we're working with Some Weird Sin and Lost Cat Records to release a 7" single for "Crimes". We remixed the song and posted the new extended version yesterday.  You can stream or download the new version on our bandcamp page for free. There's gonna be two new songs on the flip side, "Last Night Alive" and a new version of "Now That It's Over". That demo I posted last year is pretty cool, but if you haven't heard the song with Johnny and David backing me up yet, you haven't really heard it. Shit's gonna be tight.

If you can't wait until then for some new Indonesian Jamz, you are in luck. We just uploaded a new song "I Would Never Treat You Like That" to bandcamp today. You can download it or stream it for free below.  This song is gonna be on a double LP compilation coming out on Some Weird Sin Records along with Mama, Needles // Pins, and a bunch of hot bands that haven't been announced yet.

That's not the only compilation track we have coming out, we're also contributing a track to this years Summer of Fuzz cassette compilation on Fuzz City Records. If you haven't heard the first three volumes of this series, they are great. I'm pretty sure they're all sold out, so you're kinda screwed. Don't snooze on this one.

We still have a full length in the works. We have 8 songs recorded for the LP so far, and are recording about ten more in April. We have a label we're working with for the LP, but I'm not sure if we're allowed to announce that yet, so I'll hold off until we get the word. All the songs we have so far are pretty cool, so I'm sure there's gonna be a couple EPs coming out shortly after the album release.

Still no crazy touring until after our record is out, but if you're in the Midwest, here's some shows that we're gonna be playing over the next couple months.
Indonesian Junk tour dates

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