Friday, September 30, 2016

Our Album is On Vinyl

After a year of fighting with pressing plants Some Weird Sin has released a vinyl version of 2016's album of the year. You can get it on either clear or black vinyl from our merch page. (it's still available on CD from Rum Bar Records too!)

"A jukebox-ready collection of head-boppers and floor-shakers that positively reek of stale cigarette smoke, dirty denim and reckless good times. Remarkably poppy in spots, but in a good, late-70s, skinny tie, local power-pop sensation sorta way." - CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE

“I love this record! In my opinion, it’s THE release of 2016 so far. It’s exactly what James was going for - trashy glam/punk with the soul of power pop…The most telling thing about Indonesian Junk’s debut album is that it’s been living in my car CD player for the last few weeks. I just don’t get tired of these songs!” - FASTER AND LOUDER

"Similar to finding a treasure trove of lost tapes from the 1970’s New York scene. No one else has heard this yet, but I feel like everyone needs to. It feels important.Indonesian Junk is a little all over the place, shambolic yet solid. It’s a release that is just barely tipping over the edge into chaos and confusion while remaining truly lovable". - NEW NOISE MAGAZINE

"Close your eyes when pressing play on the new Indonesian Junk album and you might think Iggy Pop had hip-thrusted his way to the top of your queue without you noticing. The opening beat rattles like an old Stooges jam; something with a lurid bounce for Iggy to twist to. The guitars sizzle, slathered in grime and guts, riding a bass line that rumbles like an avalanche in the distance. Frontman Daniel James even oohs and ahs into the groove before stretching out a slightly sinister drawl." -MIDWEST ACTION

 “This album reminds me of The Wanderers, the street gang in the movie The Wanderers. This album is hard, but not so hard that it takes itself too seriously. It still knows how to have fun and rock out, you know, let loose. But it also knows danger. In fact, it embraces danger. Which is dangerous. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m scared of danger. I’m scared of this album!” - MUSIC SHE BLOGGED

 "There's plenty of power-pop blood coursing through the veins of the Milwaukee group’s new self-titled record, but it’s spiked with enough punk, glam, and sleazeball metal to make it a familiar yet increasingly rare type... Daniel James proves himself a convincingly sneering vocalist and a straight-up guitar hero... Indonesian Junk’s crack musicianship is one of the band’s greatest pleasures." - MILWAUKEE RECORD

"Like listening to some old Voidoids record - it's got the heart and soul and clearly shares the same DNA. It's music from the dark, midnight hour as it slides through your speakers fueled on cheap bourbon and cheaper cigarettes." - UBER ROCK

"The smooth vocals likewise project a disarmingly casual self-confidence. The arrangements keep things tight and tuneful as well, with hard-crunching guitars, neatly percolating basslines, and mighty pounding drums merging together to create a sound that’s quite punchy and sinewy, yet still melodic... a surefire winner." - JERSEY BEAT

"They evoke the lecherous cockiness of '70s fixtures like Alice Cooper and Kiss. Each of these 10 songs lands like an exhilarating punch to the gut." - SHEPHERD EXPRESS

"In a world full of squeaky clean, commercialized music, it’s great to hear an album which is really just a dirty rock n roll record. There’s a messy, throwaway feel to it, but it doesn’t cheapen the quality of the songs." - SOUL OF A CLOWN

"The best I've heard from them so far... The perfect driving drunk through some praries at 4am style music... Give a call to your dealer, put this on, and tune out." -MAXIMUMROCKNROLL

 "For those too young to have experienced a night at CBGB in Manhattan, I imagine that an Indonesian Junk show is probably the next best thing... You'll hear elements of punk, glam, garage and heavy metal. 'Shake It With You', with its subversive overtones and sleaze-like vocals is entirely engaging... 'You Messed Me Up' (is) an up-tempo scorcher that will have you fist-pumping and otherwise bouncing off the walls... More than any other band, these guys remind me of the (New York) Dolls." -CAROLINA POWER POP

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