Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What The People Are Saying About STARS IN THE NIGHT

"It's not that there's anything radically different about Indonesian Junk this time out. The Milwaukee trio continues to mix glam, power pop, and old New York punk influences in such a way that doesn't sound like any other band out there. But man oh man, Daniel James and company have absolutely knocked this record out of the park! This release was far more 'professionally' recorded than the last one. That could have been a good thing or a bad thing, but it definitely turned out to be the former. And in an entirely good way, this album really plays to Daniel's knack for writing terrific pop songs. If anyone is still questioning whether or not it's possible to create poppy punk rock that sounds genuinely tough, Stars In the Night will show you how it's done... This is up there with the top three or four albums of a really great year. " -FASTER AND LOUDER (read the whole review here)

"Bratty punk and hooks-aplenty power-pop are once again the order of the day... but there’s something winningly vulnerable and sincere in the way that they’re delivered. Standout tracks like the shout-along 'Why Did I Call You?' and the minor-key 'Turn To Stone' mix glam-rock vamping with pained tenderness, while 'I Would Never Treat You Like That'
avoids any 'nice guy' ickiness with a knowing wink and a mile-high chorus. Elsewhere, 'Nosferatu' gets snaky and sexy, 'Tonight' turns James’ guitars up to 11, and 'I’ll Run Away' blurs the line between heap-bopping and head-banging.Stars‘ closing track, 'On The Run' (so much running!), even makes room for an acoustic prelude before going full-on slow-burning ballad... Stars In The Night improves on Indonesian Junk’s self-recorded, self-titled 2016 debut in practically every way. Mike Mattner’s drums pack a sonic punch, Johnny Cyanide’s bass pops and pulls, and James’ voice and guitar (dig the solos on the title track and 'Lorelei') have never sounded better. But most important are the songs—sharp, infectious, and finely crafted. Polish or no polish, this is where Indonesian Junk excels, once again." -MILWAUKEE RECORD (read the whole review here)

"Like an early Elvis Costello track being jammed on by Geldof and his Rats whilst high on cheap speed. Indonesian Junk have the chops and the authentic style to pull off this snotty power pop with plenty of spirit with more to spare." -UBER ROCK (read the whole review here)

"Their mix of punk rock / powerpop / glam is as close to perfection as it could get, mixing the bratty vocal style of the Ramones with oodles of energy and melodic licks that wouldn’t sound out of place on either Dead Boys or Cheap Trick albums, consistently as infectious as things that your parents probably warned you about... Although the band are obviously accomplished musicians, the best thing is that they know exactly what the songs need and don’t over-garnish with unnecessary solo’s or elaborate arrangements. This is an album that sets out to hit the spot and accomplishes the task." -FEAR AND LOATHING (read the whole review here)

"Stars In The Night takes all the best things about Indonesian Junk’s first album and makes them better." -LESS BLOG MORE ROCK (read the whole review here)

"On their self-titled debut album last year, Milwaukee’s Indonesian Junk introduced themselves as th
e kind of band that probably wouldn’t take their shoes off before coming into your house. Their scuzzy rock ’n’ roll drew heavily from the antagonistic ’70s glam rock of guys like Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper. The trio’s latest single, though, hints at a bit of a beating heart behind that sneer. “Turn to Stone” is a rocker in the spirit of pre-“Runaway Train” Soul Asylum, with driving drums and chiming guitars. It’s their best track yet." - SHEPHERD EXPRESS (
read the whole review here)

"How a classic rock and roll album should sound... A classic this year. A disc to worship. A deja vu of my favorite LPs that I hope will be yours." - ROCK, THE BEST MUSIC (translated from Spanish, read the whole review here)

"You should check it out... Order this album from Rum Bar Records." -VEGLAM (read the whole review here)

"Album of the year" -MI TOCAS DISCOS DUAL (translated from spanish. read the whole review here)

"So many bands (and indeed critics) underestimate how hard it is to deliver a good quality pop song. There’s a real talent in writing songs like 'Why Did I Call You' and 'Slow Down' which, on face value, are just fun time, throwaway trash. But, these are the songs which get you singing and dancing and actually enjoying life..not a feat to be underestimated." -SOUL OF A CLOWN (read the whole review here)

"With clever references to 70's punk, powerpop, rock & roll, and glam (actually!) you're sometimes easily fooled to believe that the disc that spins on your turntable really comes from '77 or '78... If you have a taste the New York dolls / Johnny Thunders, Dead boys / Stiv Bators, Flamin 'groovies or Big Star and Stones for that matter, it's not unthinkable that you will be feeling good inside after a spin or two of Stars In The Night." -SKRANGLEFANTENE (translated from Norwegian, read the whole review here)

"The second LP from Milwaukee trio Indonesian Junk plays up the streetwise side of its protopunk/power pop cocktail. 'Turn to Stone,' 'Nosferatu' and 'I Would Never Treat You Like That' streamline the band’s sound down to its essence, with bash-it-out rhythms pushing unvarnished rock licks and Daniel James’ inelegantly wasted sneer." -BLURT MAGAZINE (read the whole review here)

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