Friday, June 29, 2018


Yo. We got some shows coming up. Mostly stuff in the fall, but we have a couple Midwest shows for the time being. We also just recorded a new record. Maybe you'll get to hear something about it later.

FRI 7/27 - Milwaukee, WI (Quarters)
FRI 8/24 - Chicago, IL (Reed's)
SAT 8/25 - Columbia, MO (PDM)
FRI 9/21 - Madison, WI (The Wisco)
FRI 10/12 - Cincinnati, OH (Northside Yacht Club)
SAT 10/13 - Lansing, MI (Avenue Cafe)
SUN 10/14 - Dayton, OH (Blind Bob's)
WED 10/17 - Washington, DC (Slash Run)
FRI 10/19 - New London, CT (33 Golden)
SAT 10/20 - Cambridge, MA (The Middle East)
SUN 10/21 - New Brunswick, NJ (TBA)
MON 10/22 - Portland, ME (Geno's Rock Club)
TUE 10/23 - Brooklyn, NY (Our Wicked Lady)

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